"Those teenagers who sit in their rooms at night cry themselves to sleep were once children with light in their eyes and hope in their heart."
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"He pulled over.
”i want to kiss you” he said ” i really want to”.
i smiled. i really wanted to kiss him too but i was afraid that he wouldn’t like it since i ‘ve never kissed anyone before
He was looking at me. I swear his eyes were shining better than diamonds do.Then he touched my face softly and slowly.He put his lips on mine and we started making out.Making out with him was the best feeling i’ve ever got so far.
”you are so beautiful” he said after the make out thingy.
” so are you” i said and touched his hair softly.
”You know what day it is today, Adalia?” he asked me and then he smiled brightly.
”Um, it’s friday..”
”No,Adalia it’s not friday”
”haha but it is, it really is friday”
”You know, today might be friday but its not. its not just friday.Its the day i have made out with the most special girl.and i would love to call this special girl ”my girl,my Adalia”.I mean if she wants to. Does she??”
”So you are asking me if i want to be” he didnt let me finish the sentence.
” my girlfriend yes. that’s what i am asking you”
i was looking kinda nervous and stopped talking for a few seconds.
” Jason, i… i.. don’t know are you sure you want me to be your girlfriend”
”alright sorry it was a bad idea.. i shouldn’t have asked you..sorry”
” Stop. stop saying sorry.. it’s just.. every time i get in a relationship i mess it up and i am not the girl that someone would want to spend his time with him. i am a depressed shit..”
”Bullshit..okay? that’s bullshit..I am the happiest boy for spending this night with you ,the most beautiful and caring lady and you say that none would like to have you as his girfriend. no Adalia thats bullshit.that’s just..”
I put my finger on his lips in order to make him stop talking..
” what yes?” he asked angrily.
” I wanna be yours. i wanna be your girl and spend time with you but it won’t be easy. i am a difficult girl”i shouted sadly.
”Maybe it will be easy maybe it won’t be. And if it won’t be i will try.. i will try to make you happy and everything. we will try Adalia. Relationships demand actions and patience.”he said and then he touched my shoulder with his warm hand.
”Then let’s do what a relationship demands”i winked at him.
”i like you even more now” Jason said and then put me in his arms."
Kyriaki Patera